Environmental Site Assessments

Every year, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other local environmental regulatory agencies change existing or release new regulations; however, a great deal of these changes go unnoticed—unless they affect your business. It can be difficult to know when these changes apply, and what you need to change in order to keep your operations compliant. Read more about our services below, and consider how Kevin S. Kennedy Consulting can best assist you.

We work to stay current on all changes in environmental policy and regulations. With an office in Hawaii, Kevin S. Kennedy Consulting implements and complies with the latest developments in policy from the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH). Our environmental consulting services are always in tune with the current regulatory environment and our dedication to consulting with integrity is unsurpassed. Contact us for more information, and learn about our specific services.

Our Services

Kevin S. Kennedy Consulting, LLC specializes in providing environmental litigation and regulatory consulting expertise, backed by years of relevant experience. We bring this specialized knowledge and in-depth experience to our full-service consulting and project management services which include:


  • Project management and consulting
  • Regulatory response and liaison
  • Environmental site assessments and investigations
  • Contaminant assessments
  • Environmental hazard evaluations
  • Groundwater and soil investigations
  • Work plans, sampling plans and permit preparation
  • Removal and remedial actions
  • Hazardous waste site investigations and clean up

Contact the environmental site assessment and consulting firm of Kevin S. Kennedy, LLC. With our years of experience and extensive legal expertise, you can benefit from our project consulting services, in-depth environmental evaluations, cleanup and remediation services and various types of assessments to ensure that your latest projects and operations are environmentally compliant and are completed quickly and appropriately. Learn more about us and how we can best serve you today!

Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Consulting

Environmental Site Assesments and Investigations

Work Plans, Sampling Plans and Permit Preparation