Resumé - Kevin Kennedy

Kevin Kennedy is an environmental consultant specializing in environmental litigation and regulatory matters with over 23 years experience in Hawaii, California, Oregon, Guam and many other locations throughout the Pacific. Kevin has conducted and managed hundreds of environmental assessments and investigations and remedial actions and has worked closely in all these projects with State and Federal regulators at all levels.

Kevin has conducted, overseen, and managed projects ranging from Phase I Site Assessments at hundreds of commercial/industrial sites ranging from auto repair shops to entire naval air stations. He has conducted hazardous waste clean up and removal actions at dozens of industrial sites and has conducted Phase II Site Investigations at sites ranging from gas stations and dry cleaners to entire sugarcane plantations, resort hotels and military installations. Kevin has worked on several and Brownfields/VRP sites and has designed, installed and operated a variety of soil, soil vapor and groundwater remediation systems.

From his in-depth field experience and countless consultations and negotiations with clients, stake-holders and State and Federal regulators, Kevin has developed a reputation as an experienced and highly competent environmental professional. He is a recognized expert in the environmental field who is regularly retained as an expert witness, litigation expert, public speaker and regulatory specialist. Kevin’s reputation for thoroughness, professionalism and his can-do attitude makes him a highly sought-after environmental specialist and gives him direct and immediate access to regulators and a wide variety of specialty subcontractors.

Kevin’s clients include attorneys, developers, commercial property owners and managers, realtors, lenders, oil companies and dozens of small businesses as well as State and Federal agencies.


12/2005 - 7/2007 Environet, Inc. Honolulu, Hawaii 
Vice President/President

Vice Present/President - Oversight of staff and projects. Client and market development. Overall project quality control of project and all business operations. Leadership and mentorship. P/L, business development. Project involvement at the senior level for select clients. Public presentations, expert witness, litigation expert, regulatory liaison. 

9/1995 - 10/2005 Brewer Environmental Services/BEI Honolulu, Hawaii - Commercial Group Manager/Vice President/ President 

Commercial Group Manager/Vice Present/President - Initially, oversight of commercial staff and projects and client and market development, followed by promotion to VP - President - Owner (via LBO). Overall project quality control ofproject and all business operations. Leadership and mentorship. P/L, business development. Project involvement at the senior level for select clients. Public presentations, expert witness, litigation expert, regulatory liaison. 

In December 2005 I sold/merged BEI with Environet, Inc. (see above) 

2/1994 - 9/1995 EA Engineering Science and Technology, Inc., Honolulu, HawaiiBusiness Group Leader 

Set up, establish and staffed EA's Honolulu office for the implementation of Air Force AFCEE contract work at Hickam AFB and other Oahu USAF sites and Wake Island. Builtcore staff to 17 and managed multiple contract delivery orders involving development of management action plans, work plans and site investigations for POL sites throughout Oahu and Wake. 

9/1991 - 12/1993 RZA AGRA (Now AMEC Earth & Environmental), Honolulu, Hawaii Principal 

Hired to establish RZA AGRA's Honolulu office. Business development, staff recruitment, project oversight, P/L. Remedial system design, construction and operation. 

5/1990 - 9/1991 ERCE (Ogden Environmental), Honolulu, Hawaii, Sr. Hydrogeologist 

Hydrogeologist for site investigation projects under US Navy contract in Hawaii and Guam. Project field an office work relating to soil and groundwater investigations (soil sample, groundwater monitoring well installation and sampling) at current and former military POL sites including Environmental Assessment of entire Midway Naval Air Station. 

11/1988 - 5/1990 EA Engineering Science and Technology, Inc., Lafayette, California Sr. Hydrogeologist 

Project Manager - Site soil and groundwater investigations primarily at Exxon and Chevron current and former gas station sites. Soil and groundwater sample collection, contaminant fate and transport computer modeling and mapping, project reporting and client contact and follow-up. 

8/1986 - 10/1988 McKesson Environmental/Clayton Environmental Services, Pleasanton, California Hydrogeologist 

Field hydrogelogist. Soil and groundwater investigation, UST closure and follow-up investigations. Groundwater monitoring well installation. Petroleum product recovery projects. 

8/1985 - 7/1986 Dames & Moore Portland, Oregon Hydrogelogist 

Field site investigations at a variety of sites. Construction site dewatering modeling and testing, soil and groundwater sample collection. Project hydrogeologist on installation of large-scale groundwater monitoring system for Class I Hazardous Waste disposal site in Arlington, Oregon. 


5/1995 - Chaminade University of Honolulu, Honolulu, Hawaii 

MBA Information Systems 

3/1985 - University of Hawaii, Hawaii-Honolulu 

M.S. Groundwater Hydrology 

7/1979 University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho 

B.S. Geology